Forget the Apple Watch! Check out the Waterstones Watch


Watch wars: Can the British bookshop beat the world’s largest tech company in the wearables market?

Waterstones has unveiled an explosive new product that could* rival the Apple Watch, it has emerged.

The British bookshop, which is chiefly renowned for successfully selling books, has today announced the launch of the Waterstones Watch.

The watch is “high definition, completely wireless and has an infinite battery life”, according to Waterstones.

It claims the watch will provide users with “unique reading experiences”, and judging by the flashy video, below, the experience will indeed be, er, unusual.


The Waterstones Watch retails for £299.98, but a recent search on the Waterstones website reveals that it is already out of stock. Perhaps due to ferocious demand, or could it be supply issues in the far east?

In a statement, Waterstones said: “At Waterstones we’re always looking for new ways to deliver books to our customers. That’s why we’ve developed the Waterstones Watch. A new page in wearable technology.

“The Waterstones Watch features an unparalleled level of technical innovation. We’ve finally answered the question, ‘I wonder what it would be like if I had a book on my wrist all the time?”

“The screen is flexible and multi-layered to create a compact stacked effect. It looks exactly like paper because, if you look closely, you’ll see that it is paper.”

The move follows Waterstones rivalry with Amazon’s drone delivery plan, in which the British bookseller announced a programme to train owls to deliver books to customers.


*Couldn’t possibly

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