Five new restaurants opening in London 2013


Okay you’re bored of MeatLiquor and you’ve eaten more chicken than Mark Hix could possibly throw at you. Ready for 2013? Here’s what’s new in London’s foodie scene

London’s foodies have had quite the treat in 2012.

We’ve seen trends emerge and spread like wild mushrooms in a dark, damp clearing.

We’ve dined out on Peruvian cuisine, we’ve seen our favourite food vans set up permanent shop, we’ve gone to a restaurant with only one or two choices, we’ve had THE BEST burgers and washed them down with craft beer.

So what next intrepid food adventurers? What will we be queuing around the block for in 2013.

Of course I couldn’t possible say how certain restaurants will fare, but I’d wager these newcomers will give the scene a decent stir; shaking the cash out of our weary wallets like a fairground waltzer.  

The Clove Club

If you’re cool enough, you may have already heard of The Clove Club, I sadly hadn’t. I have however, eaten at Upstairs at the Ten Bells and it was brilliant.

Well, these two entities, The Clove Club being a private dining club in Dalston, and the former a fine dining eatery atop a famous East End boozer, are coming together.

The third ingredient in this delicious cluster is the soon-to-be revamped Shoredtich Town Hall which will play host to the new restaurant. The venue will carry the name The Clove Club and will serve a five course set menu – along the same lines as the Ten Bells.

It cometh in February.

Balthazar London

For those of you who have been to New York you may have already dined out on the treats of Brit Keith McNally. His NY Village restaurant has been a staple in the district for years since he set it up in 1997 having left our fair shores for pastures new.

Now the prodigal son is coming home, bringing his French cuisine with him. He’s setting up shop on Russell Street in Covent Garden. I can taste the Foie Gras already….

Ametsa with Arzak

Elena and father Juan Mari Arzak are two of the biggest names on the global chef scene. Their San Sebastian restaurant Arzak regularly loiters in the top ten of the world’s best restaurants and holds three Michelin stars.

They’ll be giving Heston a run for his “multisensory dinner” money when they set up here in London in Feb. Ametsa with Arzak is the name and it’ll be based in the Haikin Hotel in Myafair.


Now I feel a bit of a fool saying this again. I wrote about this rumoured eatery from Tom Sellers last year. Told you all it was coming in 2012. I was wrong.

Sellers has worked with the best. He’s done his time at Noma, he’s worked with Michelin star holding Tom Aikens and celebrity chef Adam Byatt. Now he’s opening up on Tooley Street near Tower Bridge in February. I hope.

Well we’ve waited long enough it’s going to be bloody good!

Bubba Gump Shrimp and co.

Now put aside your Michelin-starred subtleties for a second and get ready to get slapped in the face with a bucket of shrimp. America’s finest purveyor of mass-produced shrimpage is swimming its way to our city for the first time.

Inspired by Forrest Gump and seemingly adored by millions of yanks – will we be seduced by the seafood storm heading our way?

Hell yeah. Just bring a big bib.