Feeling congested? London named world’s most gridlocked city


Londoners spend 101 hours a year sitting in jams

Traditional London traffic jam

A traditional London traffic jam in 1999

Of all of the jams, traffic jams are the least tasty.

Sitting in congestion means you are being exposed to between 5 and 15 times as much pollution as walkers and cyclists on busy roads. It leaves an unpleasant taste in the mouth, both metaphorically and literally.

And chemically, it is lethal. Pollution causes over 40,000 deaths in the UK every year, and London is disproportionately represented, with almost 10,000 deaths a year int he capital due to poisonous air.

Fiscally, the toll on London is a Treasury-battering £20bn a year.

London’s over-dependence on vehicles is clogging the streets, and leaving drivers stuck in never-ending jams.

A study by traffic analyst INRIX has named London as the world’s most gridlocked city for a second year in a row.

Los Angeles was the world’s second most clogged-up city, followed by Washington DC and then San Francisco.

INRIX chief executive Bryan Mistele said: “London is the victim of its own success, with a robust jobs market and a growing economy attracting more people, more construction and consequently more traffic.

“Transport for London is tackling this problem with its £4 billion Road Modernisation Plan. Whilst in the short term the roadworks from this initiative are frustrating for drivers, they are a step towards creating a more sustainable and modernised transport network.”

Here are the results with the figures representing the hours per year the average driver sits in traffic:

World’s most congested cities

  1. London, UK – 101
  2. Los Angeles, US – 81
  3. Washington DC, US – 75
  4. San Francisco US – 75
  5. Houston, US – 74
  6. Stuttgart, Germany – 73
  7. New York, US – 73
  8. Antwerp, Belgium – 71
  9. Cologne, Germany – 71
  10. Brussles, Belgium -70