Fat-fingered BoE stamps out auto-correct for email after Brexit bungle


Bank employees must now type out full email addresses

The Bank of England is moving to change the technology blamed for “fat-finger” errors that have embarrassed the bank in recent months.

In May the Bank was forced to admit that it had been researching the economic impact of Britain leaving the European Union, after its head of media relations accidentally sent a confidential email to a Guardian journalist containing all the details of the secret research. Oops.

In order to prevent those employees with clumsy digits from mashing the bank into disrepute, the bank has announced that it is turning off the “auto complete” tool in the bank’s email service.

Instead, staff will now have to labour over writing the full email address of each person they are contacting.

As Britain’s mysterious productivity gap yaws ever wider, employees at the BoE have questioned whether the typing out of email addresses will lower their own productivity, the FT reports.

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