Fat-finger shame – the trader who accidentally cancelled orders for £381bn of shares


Unfortunately there’s no ‘undo’ function in life to make errors un-happen. A trader in Tokyo probably wishes there was though, after making a mistake so vast that it caused £381bn share orders to be cancelled – a figure larger than Sweden’s entire economy.

In what is believed to be the biggest “fat-finger” error in history, the trader input wildly inaccurate figures, resulting in the cancellation of share purchases in a whopping 42 Japanese companies, including Sony, Toyota, Canon and Honda.

The largest single purchase among the catalogue of errors was for 1.96 billion shares in Toyota, worth ¥12.68 trillion (£71.4bn).

According to the Financial Times, the error sent shudders through the Japanese stock market.

However, the overall effects are expected to be minimal as the error was a cancellation, rather than a rogue purchase of shares.

Perhaps the trader could do with a “dialling wand” to help with his inaccurate fingers. Here is a relevant video:

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