Fashion's future stars: Tramp In Disguise


To celebrate London Fashion Week we are profiling one emerging designer each day of the event

1.       What makes your collection different from everything else out there?

My clothes are unique, original and colourful. I achieve this uniqueness by designing my own prints and textiles. The collections are based on a specific theme and I tell a story with the clothes in the collection. So far I have been inspired a lot by nature although I design for a modern urban woman.

2.       How do you plan to sell your clothes, and has anyone bought or invested in your collection?

Since launching my label I have organised the production, which partly happens in U.K. and partly abroad. Tramp In Disguise is sold in few shops, like Beyond the Valley in London, British designers for Fashion Capital in Bath, Not Just a label, Byelf and Offsetwarehouse online retailers. I have been networking with people in U.K. and abroad and we have shown at London Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week.

3.       Where would you like to see yourself and your label in a year, and have you got a business plan to take you there?

 I have made a business plan. Hopefully within a year we’ll be selling abroad in a few shops and next month we are actually moving from my flat into a new studio space.

4.       What does it mean to you to be based in London?

I came to England originally to study because the degrees in Fashion and Textile Design are very good and highly esteemed here in England.

 Being based in London as a fashion brand is great because London is one of the fashion capitals in the world and this is the place where new fashion and trends are made. Also London has a large population, so selling fashion here is easier because there are a large number of consumers.