Fashion's future stars: Stephanie Grace Foy


To celebrate London Fashion Week we are profiling one emerging designer each day of the event

Stephanie Grace Foy

1.       What makes your collection different from everything else out there?

I use draping techniques to embed the body but have soft transparent fabrics to create a shadow effect to highlight the figure.

This approach investigates the relationship of pattern development and the natural body shape. In the research stages I examined the relationships to be found between the linear axis of longitude and latitude and the curves of the human form. Through juxtaposing these elements I compile silhouettes of contrasting shapes.

Elegance and the beauty of drapery are my signature traits.

2.       How do you plan to sell your clothes, and has anyone bought or invested in your collection?

I am currently selling my first AW 11 commercial  collection at The Convenience Store, Westbourne Park. The Convenience Store focuses on housing purely key styles and exclusive pieces from a range of designers. They only stock a limited number of items in the shop which gives everything a real hand-picked feel so I’m happy to have my pieces there.

I am hoping this season to expand into other stores here in London and abroad. I am currently exhibiting my SS12 at Vauxhall Fashion Scout, as well as fashion buyers and stylists the exhibition is open for the public to view.

One avenue I am pursuing is dressing celebrities. I have worked with a number of musicians recently including Saint Saviour and Victoria Park, providing clothing for their performances and photo shoots.

3.       Where would you like to see yourself and your label in a year, and have you got a business plan to take you there?

I hope to be selling internationally and projecting sales to create and nurture my brand. My plan is to keep the dialogue up with various retailers and back that up by dressing performers. If anything I would love to be earning a living from what I love and do best: fashion.

4.       What does it mean to you to be based in London?

London is the epicentre for creativity – every corner is full of inspiration. It has created so many wonderfull relationships for me in reality and imaginatively!