Fashion's future stars: Malene Oddershede Bach


To celebrate London Fashion Week we are profiling one emerging designer each day of the event

What makes your collection different from everything else out there?

My collections are always quite personal and consist of vibrant colours and prints along with layered unusual cuts, leather pieces and different textile elements.

I strongly emphasise on high-quality garments, made from quality fabrics and the best possible construction and finishing. I want my garments to look good close-up on a hanger as well as worn and I want my costumer to know that their investment will last them for years.

I am a workaholic by nature and do not do anything half-hearted.

I highly focus on the fit of each garment and always fit the garment on myself several times throughout the process to ensure that the fit is as perfect as possible.

Also, I pride myself to take part in every process of every garment from design to final garment. I am a workaholic by nature and do not do anything half-hearted.

How do you plan to sell your clothes, and has anyone bought or invested in your collection?

I will be showing the collection as part of Vauxhall Fashion Scouts’ ‘Ones To Watch’, which will be followed by exhibiting the full collection -show pieces and selling pieces – in showrooms in both London and Paris.

I have been in touch with all the important buyers and press to create as much awareness as possible of the brand prior to the show and have already been approached by a handful of shops, which are interested in stocking the old collection and coming along to see the new collection.

Most buyers tend to closely follow you for the first couple of seasons before buying in to a new brand, so we are hoping to build as many relations with new and existing contacts and then steadily build our stockist base season after season.

I am financing the running of the brand by working full-time as a creative consultant in the city

I am continuously building on the brand’s awareness with my newly launched website (www.maleneoddershedebach.com) and fan pages on several social networking sites.

I am also producing a lookbook which will be distributed to all buyers and press worldwide.

I’m just taking one step at the time and will then start focusing on finding suitable investors when the madness of fashion week has calmed down.

Where would you like to see yourself and your label in a year, and have you got a business plan to take you there?

I’ve got a loose business plan in place, but it all depends on the response from the show really.

At the moment I am financing the running of the brand by working full-time as a creative consultant in the city, which means that I have been working day and night in order to make ends meet.

I am hoping to find a suitable investor along with applying for all financial new designer backing available such as Newgen, BFC/Elle Launch Pad and so on and so fourth in order to be fully focusing on establishing my brand

What does it mean to you to be based in London?

I have been in London for almost 8 years now and it’s the only place that I can imagine myself living as it’s the only place that I feel fully comfortable. I’ve experienced so much throughout the last many years; different cultures, people with different backgrounds etc and simply find London a highly inspiring place to live with its vast creative and cultural scenes.