Ex-Groupon CEO Andrew Mason releases "motivational business music" album


“If you’re seeking business wisdom/ You don’t need no MBA/ Look no further than the beauty / That surrounds us everyday.”

So sings Andrew Mason, former CEO and founder of discount deals goliath Groupon, in his debut album – “Hardly Workin’.

Released today on iTunes for $9.99 and on Spotify, Mason bills the half-hour recording as “motivational business music”, drawing on his experience as a CEO. It also dabbles with normal musical themes like personal insecurity.

“This album pulls some of the most important learnings from my years at the helm of one of the fastest growing businesses in history, and packages them as music,” Mason explains  on his blog. “Executives, mid-level management, and front-line employees are all sure to find valuable takeaways.”

But Mason warns aspiring musical managers to use the album wisely, as “context is king”.

“Try ending your next all-hands meeting with ‘It’s Up to Us,’ for example,” he says. ” Or, having trouble communicating with a low-per/hi-po employee? A ‘Thinkin’ of You’ note attached to a flash drive preloaded with “ My Door is Always Open” might be the catalyst you need for that transformational breakthrough.”

Sadly for Mason, the album looks like it won’t be as big a hit as his erstwhile website. Yahoo music critic Craig Rosen wrote: “As Mason knows, time is money, and listening to this is a waste of your time — if you consider there are thousands of other superior recordings to enjoy. At least I got paid to do it.”