EU referendum: Lord Rose, head of “in” campaign, says UK wages will rise in event of Brexit


Lord Rose in own-goal stunner

Lord (Stuart) Rose, former head of Marks & Spencer, and current leader of the Britain Stronger in Europe Campaign, went off-script in an appearance before the Treasury select committee that saw him lend a hand to the Leave campaign.

To the delight of his opponents, Rose admitted that in his view a Brexit may lead to higher wages for unskilled British Workers, as the supply of workers from the EU could be diminished if we left the union.

He said that if restrictions to the free movement of people were enforced in the event of a Brexit, then, “the price of labour will, frankly, go up”.

He also spoke of the “cost” to Britain of the “one-way traffic”, of EU migrants if the UK remains in the union.

Later in the session, Rose backtracked saying he had meant “condition of being in the EU”, rather than a “cost”.

And if that wasn’t enough for his opponents to be delighted about, the chair of the Treasury select Committee, Conservative MP Andrew Tyrie, accused Rose of a “scandalous misuse of data” being used to back up the In campaign.

Tyrie complained that Rose was presenting “as fact”, figures from the CBI which show EU membership is worth £3,000 to each British household every year.

Tyrie said the data was merely “an inference”.

But Rose hit back saying Tyrie was “calling my reputation into question”.

Brexit campaigners claimed Rose’s remarks helped make the case for leaving the European Union.

Whose side are you on Stuart?

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