Entreprenerd podcast: How a cheeky small business managed to convince clients it was big


It just took a little help from Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant

So picture this. You’ve had a great idea for a business with a proposition you know big companies need. The trouble is, you’ve got no proof it works. How do you get massive companies to sign up?

In this week’s episode of Entreprenerd, Robyn Vinter speaks to Alison Esse, co-founder of consultancy The Storytellers who did just that.

The Storytellers started 12 years ago as four people in a one-room office. Now their office in South Kensington houses five times this many people.

Hear the story in full in the second episode of London Loves Business’s brand new podcast, Entreprenerd.

Find out:

  • How a small business can get big-name customers
  • …and how to keep hold of them
  • Why one business labelled their office toilet door “CEO”


What is Entreprenerd?

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