Entreprenerd: Less stress, more success


Adam Breeden, co-founder and CEO of table tennis bar Bounce, on how entrepreneurs can make it through Christmas without tearing their hair out

Christmas is supposed to be a time for relaxing but for many of us it just means stress.

For those who run their own businesses, juggling daily business demands with personal responsibilities this time of year can get a bit much.

But for those who are reading this and feeling overwhelmed, there are ways of tackling it – and on this week’s episode of Entreprenerd Robyn speaks to one entrepreneur who has it sussed.

Adam Breeden is co-founder and CEO of table tennis bar Bounce, which now has three venues and is due to turnover £19m this year.

He’s just opened social darts bar Flight Club, but also previously co-founded ten-pin phenomenon All Star Lanes and The Lonsdale restaurant in Notting Hill.

So it’s fair to say he knows what it’s like to be busy. But you wouldn’t know that from speaking to him – and that’s because he’s got a trick up his sleeve.

Find out:

  • How to make it through Christmas without tearing your hair out
  • Why you need help getting perspective on your business
  • Why doing nothing can be good for you



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