English say “no” to Yes campaign’s plans to keep pound


Scotland’s Yes campaign is suffering as the war over currency rages on. First Minister of Scotland Alex Salmond wants to continue using the pound should Scots vote for independence next month, but the English do not want to share the pound with an independent Scotland, a new poll has shown.

Research by teams at Edinburgh and Cardiff universities shows that just 23% of English adults would support a formal currency union. The poll, of 3,695 people, represents a serious blow for the Yes campaign.

According to the Telegraph, Professor Charlie Jeffery, of Edinburgh University, said England’s brutal line on the issue was “striking”.

He said: “There appears to be little appetite for the Scottish government’s vision of independence amid continuing partnership with the rest of the UK on the pound, Europe and Nato.

“If anything the message appears to be: ‘Vote Yes by all means, but if you do, you’re on your own.’”

Salmond, recently said that continuing to use the pound could be a “stop-gap” solution to the currency issue.

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