Emerging designers FYODOR GOLAN in tackling overseas markets


Having dressed Gaga and Rihanna, this stylish duo explain how to tackle London Fashion Week and markets beyond Britain

With London Fashion Week in full swing, fast-growing fashion start-up FYODOR GOLAN and, international trade experts, DHL Express explain just what it takes to be a successful international fashion start-up in a behind the scenes video.

FYODOR GOLAN, which has seen its sales rise by over 70% since it started in 2010, provides an insight into how to launch a fashion brand on the international stage.

With input from DHL Express and Fashion Fringe, the video explores preparation for FYODOR GOLAN’S first London Fashion Week show, how to start importing and exporting, and the challenges they have faced entering overseas markets.

Having dressed high profile celebrities such as Lady Gaga and Rihanna – the pair face the biggest sales opportunities of the year – London Fashion Week, where their chance to further establish themselves as a successful British business before international buyers is crucial.