Embarrassing: Zac Goldsmith criticises Sadiq Khan for supporting someone convicted of terrorism offences… turns out he did the same



Labour mayoral candidate Sadiq Khan has been criticised by the Tories for supporting Babar Ahmad, a man who was fighting extradition from the UK to the US to face terror charges.

Home secretary Theresa May said Khan’s support of Ahmad was a “worry”, and Conservative party candidate Goldsmith said it was an “example of concern” about the Labour candidate.

However, it has emerged both Goldsmith and current mayor Boris Johnson did the same, and according to Ahmad, gave the “same level of support” as Khan.

Khan told the media last night: “I’m amazed at the selective amnesia of Zac Goldsmith. Zac also campaigned to stop Babar Ahmad being extradited to the United States of America under the UK-US extradition treaty, as did somebody called Boris Johnson.”

In response, Goldsmith denied having heard of Ahmad until “quite recently”, but video from 2012 shows the opposite.

Goldmith said: “Babar Ahmad is a story that has caught people’s imagination. I have been bombarded with letters from my local constituents. I’ve lost track of how many. I’ve had so many letters [about Ahmad’s case].”