Electric car version of Boris Bikes to hit London next year


Following the success of London’s cycle hire scheme, London Mayor Boris Johnson has announced 3,000 electric rental cars will hit the streets in a year’s time.

Londoners will be able to hire the vehicles, dubbed “Boris Cars” for short journeys around the capital and drop them off at up to 6,000 charging points once the scheme is fully up and running.

Car hire is expected to cost £5 per 30 minute journey, plus £5 a month membership when the scheme starts next march.

Bolloré, the French company that makes the cars for the similar Paris car hire scheme will provide the vehicles.

Company president Vincent Bolloré said in the Evening Standard: “Electric car sharing has been tremendously popular in Paris and we believe it could be as equally successful in London, offering people a convenient and low-cost form of environmentally-friendly transport.”


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