Economic case for independence "not made", say Scottish business leaders


Business leaders from 130 organisations in Scotland have signed a letter to the Scotsman newspaper which urges voters to tick the “no” box in next month’s independence referendum.

The letter, signed by bosses from a variety of industries, including engineering, whisky production, technology, mining, fishing, energy and banking says: “As job creators, we have looked carefully at the arguments made by both sides of the debate. Our conclusion is that the business case for independence has not been made.”

According to the BBC, the letter was put together by Keith Cochrane, the chief executive of engineering company Weir Group. In the past Cochrane has warned of the “substantial risks”, should Scotland vote for independence on 18 September.

Other signatories include HSBC chairman Douglas Flint, Co-operative Bank CEO Niall Booker, Edrington chief executive Ian Curle, which owns whisky brands the Macallan and the Famous Grouse and Andrew Mackenzie, the chief executive of mining behemoth, BHP Billiton.

But business lobbying group Business for Scotland said that “economic facts and figures” support the case for Scottish independence.

In a statement the group said: Business for Scotland has 2,500 members who run businesses in Scotland, employ people across the country in a range of industries, and all believe that Scottish independence is in the best interests of Scotland and Scottish business.

“It’s a position reached after looking at the facts and figures and realising that, from a simple balance sheet point of view as well as other considerations, our best interests lie in becoming an independent country.”

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