Dramatic pictures from the recent anti-austerity protests in London


Protesters clashed with police

Yesterday thousands of protesters took to the streets of Westminster and Trafalgar Square to make their voices heard over the government’s proposed austerity measures.

The demonstration was heated, with objects thrown at police and three arrests.

UKIP MP Douglas Carswell was escorted away from Westminster in a police van for his own safety.

“It got extremely, extremely nasty. Their intentions were pretty murderous and I needed a lot of police officers to prevent them from attacking me,” he said.

“I was stunned. I think MPs should be able to go about their business. It was incredibly intimidating. It was like a lynch mob on the streets of London. I thought this was a country where we had democracy and discussed the issues.

“It just got incredibly ugly. It was an attempted lynching. I am in a state of shock. I do not want to have to worry about going about my business.”

Take a look at the dramatic pictures:



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