Does this offend you? Here are the most offensive advertisements of 2015


Are hotpants evil?

Britain is an island of outrage, we hate everything, and it has always been that way.

As we take on the issues of the 21st Century, there is no sign we’re about to become less affronted by any words or images that surprise our value system any time soon.

Top of the list for 2015’s most complained about ads on the grounds of offence is an advertisement featuring a man with some fairly perky gluteal muscles sassing down a busy street in a pair of tight shorts and high-heeled shoes.

He’s also wearing a shirt and tie with a blazer, but it’s probably the tight shorts and the bouncy buttocks that have enraged over 15,000 Brits so much that they have been driven to take action and make a formal complaint about the elements of this combination they find offensive.

The Advertising Standards Authority received a total of 1,513 complaints about the advertisement, which was for the insurance comparison website Moneysupermarket.

In second place in the list of most offensive ads of the year was one from the company Booking.com, which hilariously replaces more traditional swear words with the word “booking”, with the resulting sentences: “Exactly what you booking needed”, and “bask in the booking glory”. Someone call the police.

Number three on the list was PayPal’s effort, in which outraged parents complained that the ad insinuated that Father Christmas isn’t real. It’s true though. Father Christmas isn’t real.

None of the ads were found to break the ASA’s UK code. Which means that all that outrage was all a useless waste of time. Hahaha.

Here are the top ten most complained about ads:


1.   Moneysupermarket.com


2.   Booking.com 

3.   Paypal

4.   Booking.com (again)

5.   Protein World

Beach body ready

6.   British Heart Foundation

7.   Booking.com (and again)

8.   Department of Health

9.   Nicocigs

10. Omega Pharma

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