Dairy drink Upbeat offers £100,000 to sponsor the Tube’s “Mind the Gap”


Tube passengers could hear a whole new “Mind the Gap” message if a £100,000 sponsorship deal with dairy drink Upbeat takes off.

This comes as London Assembly Tories suggested Tube lines and stations could have their names sponsored in order to raise money and keep fares frozen.

High-protein dairy drink Upbeat had said they are in talks with Transport for London over such an arrangement, which would see the message become: “Mind the Gap, sponsored by Upbeat to help you Fuel the Gap”.

Ivor Harrison, general manager at Upbeat said: “Talks are still ongoing but we are hopeful that a deal can be signed and that the money raised can be passed on to passengers, either by cutting fares or by funding improvements to the service. Both of which will, no doubt, make commuting Londoners feel more upbeat!”

However, London Underground have poured cold water on Upbeat’s bid, warning that it would not change “safety critical” messages.

Graeme Craig, director of commercial development at TfL said: “We are not in talks with Frank PR [agency behind Upbeat’s bid]over our ‘Mind the Gap’ message. This is a safety critical message and we have no intention of changing this for commercial sponsorship. We have been clear about this with Frank PR.

“We are reviewing our commercial revenue opportunities and will be publishing an updated Sponsorship Policy later this year but have no intention of changing Tube lines, station names or safety critical messages.”

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