Corruption costs the EU £100bn a year


Bribery and corruption cost the EU economy £100bn a year, a report has revealed.

Three quarters of Europeans thought corruption was widespread in their own country, according to research by the European Commission.

In Britain, six out of 10 people thought “bribery and connections” were the simplest ways to get the best out of public services.

EU home affairs commissioner Cecilia Malmstrom said the problem was “breathtaking”.

According to the survey, the worst country for corruption is Greece, where 99% of people think it is rife. The least corrupt is Denmark, where just 20% of people feel there is a major problem.

Romania and Bulgaria followed Greece in having the highest corruption levels and in western Europe Spain, Portugal and Italy were the worst.

The EC said “petty corruption does not appear to pose a challenge” in the UK, however the report advised the UK to address the risks of foreign bribery in industries such as defence. It also suggested greater accountability for banks and a cap on political party donations.

Transparency International’s Global Corruption map

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