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Construction recruitment: women are becoming increasingly involved in the construction industry

by John Saunders
20th Nov 20 5:15 pm

There is a significant imbalance in the ratio of men to women in construction jobs. In construction recruitment programs, they are seeking more women to apply for the roles and try to squash the imbalance. In 2018 it was estimated that 13% were women in the UK. This is far from what is being sought, and many organisations are pushing women to enter the industry. This is how the industry is encouraging more women to join.

Increased awareness

More schools and colleges are encouraging more women joining in with courses such as NVQ and other vocational qualifications in subjects such as engineering, construction and carpentry that can be taken at college. This shows, as more females are shown to be students in these courses.

In addition, the advertisement and construction recruitment process are tailored towards a more diverse workforce. This has happened not only with construction but a number of other companies. They specifically target those who are underrepresented in a particular sector.

Treating employees as equal

In addition, employers are understanding the importance of equality and have been more active in treating men and women equally. In previous times, it could have been thought that employers thought women were weak or less physically abled than men and this prejudice led to women being deterred from the industry.

Luckily, the industry is starting to change, and women are welcomed into the industry. This has also seen women’s wages go up significantly. The only unequal part of the industry should be the variety of different ranks and level of ability which can all be demonstrated with a CSCS card and a CSCS card checker.

The range of career development options

Furthermore, the sheer number of different roles in the construction industry as well as the potential to develop into high up positions has meant that construction recruitment has seen more women. It is an appealing industry with not one singular path, the more that women have been aware of the variety of jobs available from the design types of jobs, quantity surveyor, structural engineers and physical labour jobs, the more women have been entering the industry.

However, it is still not enough

Even though women have become more interested in the industry as of recent, it is not enough. It is known that women have been disrespected in this industry and are therefore being deterred from joining.

In addition, the nature of the work is very full on, working long hours and not allowing much flexibility. Therefore, it is thought that allowing flexibility in working hours for things like childcare would encourage more women to join.

More efforts should be made to making the industry accessible as possible. In construction recruitment, we also need to advertise that the industry is not just for men and all people are welcome. After all, its not about the gender of the people who work, it is about having a skill, loving what you love and doing the job that you feel passionate about.

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