Computer hackers attack fridge


We’ve all felt like the fridge is calling at one time or another. But what about it sending spam emails?

Computer security experts have uncovered the first instance of a smart fridge being hacked.

This is the first attack of its kind, which also breached other household appliances, such as TVs, according to security provider Proofpoint.

The chilling (ha ha) attack was discovered after 750,000 malicious emails were found to have come from everyday gadgets such as home-networking routers, connected multi-media centres, televisions and at least one refrigerator.

These devices had been hacked and used as a platform to launch attacks against other computers.

This leads to the obvious conclusion – someone, somewhere effectively received an email from a fridge.

Household items are increasingly being manufactured to be intuitive and networked to other devices – known as the Internet of Things. For example, smart fridges are now able to do your online shopping and even put your oven on for you.

However, these devices are poorly protected against attacks and look like they’re proving a perfect target for hackers.

With more than 200 billion things likely to be connected to the internet by 2020 according to researcher IDC, it begs the question: could houses of the future fall under the control of hackers without us even knowing?

Maybe you didn’t forget to turn off the oven afterall…


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