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Chokers remain a hot fashion accessory every woman should have

by John Saunders
7th Jun 21 11:23 am

In the 90s, chokers adorned the necks of countless individuals. Celebrities, models, and style icons wore these necklaces everywhere they went. Think back to pictures of Alicia Silverstone and Kate Moss and a choker will probably be present. While trends fade over time, they often have a way of returning years or decades later. The choker is a trend that has reemerged in recent years, and people understand why when they see how versatile this piece is.

Where chokers are found today

Men and women will see chokers in countless places on the internet. Instagram serves as a good example of where these necklaces regularly appear. Bloggers and influencers pay attention to fashion trends, and chokers are a hot one this year. People often assume the choker originated in the 1990s, but it’s been around much longer than that.

In fact, women in the Victorian era often wore necklaces of this kind. Look back at portraits and oil paintings from this period and one or more women will be sporting a ribbon choker complete with a pendant. In fact, they were so popular back then that everyone, from royalty to ladies of the night, donned them frequently. Adina’s Jewels has vintage chains, and women need to check back regularly. They may find this style is available for sale once again.

Historians continue to debate the origins of the choker. Some experts believe it was first worn during the French Revolution, but other individuals state prehistoric men and women wore this accessory regularly. Regardless of when the choker was first introduced, this is a trend that is here to stay. Although its popularity may come and go, this is one accessory that will never fade away completely. For this reason, people need to know as much as they can about the accessory. The following guide covers the basics of this popular fashion accessory.

The history of the choker

Chokers are nothing more than a chain or ribbon with a pendant. Is there a hidden meaning to these pieces? Who chose to wear them in past times, and what do these pieces symbolize today?

Individuals consider chokers to be a feminine and delicate piece any woman can wear. Chokers have been seen in oil paintings for centuries, including back in 19th century England. Queen Victoria played a significant role in the popularity of this accessory. Nevertheless, she wasn’t the first member of the royal family to wear a choker.

Anne Boleyn, a wife of Henry VIII, who lost her life at her husband’s hands, wore a pearl choker regularly. In fact, this signature piece featured the letter B dangling from the string and appears in almost every portrait of her today. This shows the choker was a popular fashion accessory hundreds of years before Queen Victoria highlighted its beauty and versatility.

The choker’s re-emergence in the 1990s

Chokers took a backseat to other fashion accessories in the second half of the 20th century. However, they reappeared on the scene in the 1990s. Rachel Green, a character on the show Friends, the Spice Girls, and more often wore this type of necklace and women and girls the world over followed their lead. The internet became more accessible during that decade, and people started seeing bloggers and influencers sporting chokers in their photos. They continue to be popular today, and women need to know how to style this accessory.

Choker styles

Ribbon styles serve as a classic choker option. This necklace consists of a ribbon placed around the neck before being tied into a bow. This simple and elegant accessory was frequently worn by ballerinas in satin and cotton styles. However, some women chose to wear lace or velvet chokers to highlight their femininity. Thin ribbons provide a delicate look, while thick and chunky ribbon chokers are edgier.

Chunky chain chokers make a statement wherever they are worn, and leather chokers with metal pendants offer an Americana look. Layered choker necklaces look great with any outfit, depending on the pieces selected. Fashion experts recommend layering a minimum of three necklaces for the best look. However, some people choose to wear a simple 14K white gold choker, as this piece works for formal events or casual outfits.

Styling a choker

Consider the outfit you will be wearing when choosing a choker. The piece may be used to accentuate the outfit or contrast it. For instance, a woman may choose to pair a silk blouse with a ribbon choker for a feminine look, as the choker accentuates the femininity of the outfit. On the other hand, she may choose to wear this same blouse with a leather choker or bulky chain version for contrast. It’s all a matter of the look she is trying to achieve and what she is comfortable with.

The neckline of a woman’s outfit plays a role in which choker she should wear. For example, chokers rarely work with a turtleneck. Although a woman can wear these two pieces together, she will probably find the choker gets lost in the overall look. On the other hand, a plunging neckline needs more than a choker, as a choker paired with this neckline leaves a lot of blank space that may draw the viewer’s eye. If a woman wants to wear a choker with this type of neckline, she should layer the choker with other necklaces.

Chunky chokers look best when paired with small earrings. If a woman wears a bulky choker and oversized earrings, the effect tends to be overwhelming. The same is true when it comes to thin chokers. A delicate ribbon choker looks best when paired with statement earrings. This helps to provide balance between the different pieces without taking away from the overall outfit.

Every woman should own at least one choker. Those who do find this piece to be incredibly versatile. Depending on the piece selected, a woman might find she can wear it at work all day and then change her outfit and have the perfect accessory for dinner out with her significant other. Purchase a choker today and try wearing it in different ways. Once you do, you’ll likely want to pick up more because they look great with everything you own.

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