Check out THOSE banned posters of Thatcher as Virgin Mary & Queen Victoria


CBS outdoor bans posters depicting ex-Tory PM as range of historical icons

Street display firm CBS Outdoor has banned a series of six posters depicting former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher as a series of historical heroines, claiming that they breach Transport for London guidelines on “public controversy and sensitivity”.

The portraits were due to run in Westminster Underground station after the Tube closed from Monday night to advertise an exhibition being staged by the Gallery Different.

The “Thatchertastic” exhibition includes a pastiche of Peter Paul Ruben’s The Assumption of the Virgin Mary with Baroness Thatcher’s face replacing Mary’s and one with Thatcher depicted as Queen Victoria.

“Thatchertastic” exhbition curator Ben Moore said: “I remain hopeful that these images will eventually conform to the guidelines, or the guidelines will evolve to reflect a more democratic state.”

A CBS spokeswoman said: “If an advert has messages or images that relate to public controversy or sensitivity it will not be run. If an advert comes to us and clearly contravenes TfL guidelines we will not run it.

“CBS Outdoor will endeavour to refer to the guidelines laid down by our franchise partners who include London Underground, London Buses and all of our other bus, rail and tram franchises.”

The adverts had not been referred to the Advertising Standards Authority, and TfL has indicated the decision was made solely by CBS Outdoor.