"Can I come and live with you?” – Ivan Massow releases peculiar mayoral campaign video


Massow wants to spend one night living with Londoners

Ivan Massow wheres your head at

No, we didn’t make this image, it’s a still from the video.

Would you be happy to host a prospective mayor of London for just one night?

That is what Ivan Massow is asking Londoners to consider in his latest campaign video.

It’s not the tallest order in the world, but it is an eccentric move from a man running for the Tory nomination.

And the video itself is the height of weirdness.

“Hi, I’m Ivan and I want to be your Mayor of London. But first, I want to find out about your manor,” Massow begins.

Manor? Or does he mean “manner”? It could be either.

In addition, his head has been superimposed onto a cartoon body, and the whole thing moves in a disconcerting way, reminiscent of the human-headed monkeys in Basement Jaxx’s video for their 2001 single Where’s Your Head At.

Where Massow’s head is at is difficult to ascertain, but he says the stunt will help him understand the issues affecting Londoners, which will help him to form policies.

Here’s the video:

“As a London mayoral hopeful I want to live with you, only for a night, to find out what will make your London better and help shape my policies,” Massow said in a tweet accompanying the video on Twitter.

As LondonLovesBusiness recently found out in an extraordinary interview with the Tory mayoral hopeful, Massow could use a few additional pointers on policy formation. Not every mayoral candidate is postulating expanding the Oyster Card to cover Nando’s and Pizza Express.

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