BrewDog has made the world’s first transgender beer. How does it work?


It’s surprisingly smart

When we saw BrewDog announce it has made the world’s first transgender beer, we thought it would be just a big marketing stunt.

Of course it is a big marketing stunt, but it’s clever too.

The beer, a German-style Kölsch called No Label, is made using hops which change sex from female to male before they’re harvested.

Traditionally, beer is made from female hop plants but Jester hops, which go into No Label, are technically male after undergoing a natural process known as sequential hermaphroditism or dichogamy.

BrewDog worked with LGBT event organiser Queerest of the Queer to make No Label and the profits will go to a charity which supports young trans people.

The company previously made a beer to protest at Russia’s anti-gay laws but also was criticised earlier this year for an advert which some people labelled “transphobic”.

BrewDog co-founder James Watt said: “Producing this non-binary, post-gender beer has been a long and careful process and we’re sure that many so-called beer purists will question its legitimacy; but we care more about freedom than labels. Diversity makes everyone and everything richer.”


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