Bottoms up! Starbucks to begin selling alcohol


Latest gauntlet to UK pubs is thrown down

Starbucks Boris

“Honestly, it’s only a Fruit Venti”

Visit a branch of McDonald’s in Europe, and you can wash down your cheap meat with a plastic beaker full of beer.

They sure live life in the fast lane over there.

Of course, this isn’t possible in the UK. If they started selling booze in McDonalds in Britain it would result in utter mayhem, possibly widespread death.

However, a pair of popular fast-food and hot drink outlets in Britain could be about to dabble with selling alcohol alongside their usual fare.

Yes, it’s bad news for British pubs this morning, as the coffee behemoth Starbucks announces they are to begin selling alcoholic drinks in their shops.

The announcements follow successful trials in central London in which flagship stores sold beer, wine and evening meals.

Pret a Manger has also conducted trials in London which began in April last year, though it has not yet announced whether this will roll the policy out across the UK.

The rival companies plan to bring the booze to many of their existing outlets across the UK.

Starbucks has over 760 coffee shops in the UK, while Pret has over 370 restaurants across Britain at the moment.

The announcements follows recent revelations about the sugar content of Starbucks drink the Hot Mulled Fruit Venti. This brilliant concoction contains 25 teaspoons of sugar. What will one of those followed by a large amount of wine do to a human? Watch this space.

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