Boris Johnson would close Labour lead as Tory leader, finds new poll


In the aftermath of the Olympics, a new poll finds Boris would close the gap on Labour if he was leader of the Tories

London Mayor Boris Johnson would wipe out Labour’s polling lead if he took over as leader of the Conservatives.

The shock finding comes from the latest YouGov survey, which suggests the Conservatives would enjoy a 37% support with the London Mayor as leader.

This would put them at near level pegging with the Labour Party, on 38% of the vote.

However, if Prime Minister David Cameron remained leader, Labour’s lead would soar to 11 points with the party enjoying a 42% popularity rating.

Boris Johnson YouGov Poll Chart

The poll also found that Johnson was more popular than any of the main three party leaders.

72% of those asked were able to name at least one positive quality about the London Mayor, while only 43% could do the same for Cameron, 36% for Labour leader Ed Miliband and finally 26% for Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg.