Boris Johnson set to beat Ken Livingstone in mayoral elections


LATEST RESULTS: Boris 45% Ken 39% Paddick in 5th at 4%

Boris Johnson is expected to be granted four more years in City Hall.

The results of the mayoral elections are announced this evening.

Mayor of London Johnson was given a six-point lead in the final opinion poll of the campaign, beating Labour candidate Ken Livingstone into second place by 53-47 in the second round of the contest.

Johnson, who looks set to be one of the few reasons for Conservatives to cheer on a difficult night nationally, is thought to have received the support of thousands of Labour voters who like the mayor, despite his political party.

The mayor’s enduring popularity in the face of a series of poorly received moves from his Westminster colleagues has led The Independent to report Johnson could return to the House of Commons in 2015.

Contesting a safe seat in London or the South East in the next general election would offer Johnson a platform to potentially succeed David Cameron as leader of the Conservative party.

Such a move would require him to serve as both MP and mayor of London for 12 months, between 2015 and 2016.

But for now, YouGov’s survey found Johnson would be returned to City Hall with the help of a significant number of Labour supporters.

The pollster’s report said: “We looked at people who told us they were certain to vote today (Thursday), and would vote Labour if today’s contest were a general election.

“One in 10 told us they will vote for Boris. If they voted for Ken, he’d win by 52-48 per cent. Another one in 10 Labour supporters will withhold their mayoral vote from both men (though most will vote Labour in the Assembly election). If they all backed Ken, he’d win by 54-46 per cent.”

Labour is expected to boost its number of London Assembly members by three to 11, while the Tories are forecast to drop three to eight.

Ukip is predicted to be the other big winner on the night, winning two seats on the London Assembly.

The Liberal Democrats are set to lose one of their two seats, while the BNP is likely to lose its only Assembly member. The Greens will retain their two seats, according to YouGov.