“Boris has botched the discussion” – David Lammy hits out at Tube strike chaos


But workers will lose Londoners’ sympathy if strikes continue, Lammy warns

Labour mayoral hopeful David Lammy has said that Boris Johnson has botched the negotiations with unions over the introduction of the 24-hour Tube.

Speaking to LondonLovesBusiness, Lammy said: “The 24-hour Tube system is clearly a different arrangement for drivers and Boris has botched the discussion with them

“Both sides need to come to their senses, strike a deal and let London get on with doing what it does best.”

Lammy, himself a daily Tube user, said that he understood why strikes were happening, but added that Londoners’ sympathy will only go so far.

“If my work changed overnight and I had a contract foisted on me, then I too might want to strike.

“Nobody likes their terms of work changed overnight without proper negotiation, and that’s effectively what’s happened to our Tube workers.

“But at the same time, Tube drivers need to understand that on £49,000 a year, they’re losing the patience of Londoners and I don’t think more strikes help.

“This is for Boris Johnson to find a solution – he is the current mayor, he’s the one looking at the contract.

“I would say that it was a bad idea to have had a start date, and to our friends in the unions, you will lose the sympathy of Londoners, given your earnings are double what average earnings are in London, if you continue to strike in this way.”

This article appears ahead of a full interview with mayoral contender David Lammy, which will be published on LondonLovesBusiness.com on Tuesday.

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