Boris calls for the end of the West End's rickshaws


Rickshaws could be banished from the West End if Boris Johnson has his way. The Mayor called the wheeled people carriers dangerous and urged for them to be banned.

The Mayor declared that even the more reputable pedicab companies “cannot ensure the safety of their passengers”. Johnson also complained that the vehicles create chaos on the roads.

The comments were made in his offering to the Law Commission’s consultation on reform of the legislation governing taxis. Under the current rules, pedicabs are not governed by the same laws as taxis.

“Although there are a number of responsible pedicab companies, the fact is that these vehicles jam up the roads and consistently fail to ensure the safety of their passengers,” said Johnson.

“The numbers of pedicabs have exploded over the past few years and, aside from the regular aggravation they cause local residents and other road users, there is increasing concern that these unlicensed, unregulated vehicles may cause serious accidents,” added Mark Field, MP for the City of London and Westminster.”

According to police records there have been 365 arrests of rickshaw drivers this year and 839 warnings for various offences including dangerous driving, riding on the footpath and causing an obstruction.