Bin the Olympic sponsors and get 30% off! Oddbins attacks Locog


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Near victim of the recession Oddbins is doing away with its quiet comeback by unleashing a loud, genius, attack on Locog.

Customers of the wine shop – which was brought out of administration by new owners last year – will benefit from a 30 per cent discount if they can prove they’ve shunned the main Olympic Games sponsors.

Simply rock up to your local Oddbins (if you’ve still got one) wearing Nike trainers, waving Vauxhall car keys, an RBS MasterCard, iPhone, British Gas bill and a receipt for a Pepsi bought at KFC and you’ll get 30 per cent off your purchase.

Oddbins Olympics campaign adverts:

Oddbins managing director Ayo Akintola said: “The London Olympics is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the whole of the UK’s business community to come together to support our fantastic athletes and celebrate an awe-inspiring festival of sport.

“But thanks to Locog any business without the tens of millions of pounds required to join the cabal of multinational brand partners for the Games are reduced to the status of beggars on the gilded streets of the Olympic movement.

“We have taken steps to ensure our planned window displays do not flout any of these asinine rules, but we are doing this primarily to highlight the absurdity of the fact that the British people – who are paying for these games – are at the same time being subject to ridiculous rules. Even though our window designs will be within the rules, we would not be surprised if Locog goes loco.”

Oddbins Olympics campaign adverts:

Oddbins was once renowned for selling interesting, odd wines, hence the name. However, it soon grew to become a large chain selling ubiquitous cheap wines to compete with its (now defunct) competitors, Threshers and Victoria Wine.

Last year, under the leadership of Ayo Akintola, 37 outlets were rescued from administration and returned to the Oddbins of former year – selling good, well priced wine worthy of any Olympic athlete.