Billionaire gambling addict could be jailed for £2.2m Ritz debt


Property tycoon said he couldn’t afford to travel to the High Court for the hearing

Billionaire businessman Safa Abdulla Al Geabury is facing prison for failing to pay a £2.2m debt at the Ritz casino.

Al Geabury racked up huge debts, which he blamed on the casino for not forcing him to stop.

After this claim was rejected by the court he was ordered to pay the £2.2m, however, Al Geabury is now facing jail time for failing to pay up.

The property tycoon was not in the High Court today as his case was discussed, claiming he could not afford the flights from Switzerland.

However, the case went ahead as the judge said there was “evidence of enormous capital wealth” and that if Al Geabury wanted to attend, he could.

“I’m sure on all the evidence that the defendant was well aware of the obligations to provide information as to his worldwide assets,” said Mr Justice Spencer.

“I’m sure that he was sent the order promptly by solicitors – I’m sure he was notified by solicitors of the relevant terms of the order.

“I’m sure he deliberately chose to do nothing to comply with these orders and deliberately shut his eyes to the obligations upon him.”

Al Geabury, who lives in Switzerland and owns a home in Grosvenor Square, Mayfair, claims staff should have known he had a gambling addiction and he attempted to counter-sue the casino for £5.4m, which was rejected by the court.