Behold: TfL has produced a geographically accurate Tube map


Goodbye classic topographical plan, hello precise diagram

Transport for London has produced a geographically accurate map showing Tube lines, rail lines and all the stations.

It is a thing of bewildering multi-coloured beauty, and you should all behold it in its full glory by clicking on this link.

Who do we have to thank for this gem?

None other than a chap named James Burbage, who in August 2014, sent an FOI request to TfL, asking for such a map. It turns out they already had one to hand, and complied with the request.

Geographical map of London close up

Looking at the map gives a great insight into how crammed in everything is in central London, and just how much space there is between stations as you get further out.

It also shows you the true wiggling madness of the Underground. Just look at the Northern Line. Crazy.

According to TfL’s reply to the FOI, the map “was updated in May 2014 and is the most current edition we hold to our knowledge. It is inclusive of stations, interchanges and lines across the various rail networks.”

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