Batten down the hatches London: Storms set to strike today


Storms due to batter London on Friday

Rain in London

London has experienced rain before

An ugly situation is developing as we head towards the weekend.

The Met Office has issued a weather warning for London and the south east, with ferocious winds and substantial rain a possibility for the region on Friday.

The level of concern has merited a “yellow weather warning” from the Met Office, which warns that 60mm of rain could hammer the capital, while gusts of wind may well be roaring about at up to 50mph.

The Met Office said: “An area of rain and strong to gale force winds is expected to cross much of southern England before clearing to the east on Saturday morning.

“There is a low likelihood that the system could be intense enough to bring disruptive wind and rain to some parts. The public should be aware of the potential for disruption particularly for those engaged in outdoor activities.

“Whilst a wet and windy period is expected, particularly in southeast England, there remain large uncertainties in the track and intensity of this low pressure system.”

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