Axe to fall on Whitehall with civil servants facing 100,000 job cuts


“Bloody” spending review will make civil service smallest in recent history

The last government reduced the size of the civil service to the smallest it has been since the Second World War, but a fresh round of cuts will make it smaller still.

Over the next five years, a further 100,000 jobs are now expected to be cut as the Conservative government aims to clamp down on government spending.

The huge scale of the job losses will aim to meet the government’s target of making £10bn worth of cuts in Whitehall by 2017-18.

Several government departments which do not have ringfenced budgets are expecting a “bloody” spending review, the FT reports.

Those expected to take the brunt of the cost-cutting include the departments of justice, culture, local government and transport.

Meanwhile, smaller departments including culture, media and sport, will increasingly have to share office space and back-office functions.

Chancellor George Osborne will set out where the axe will fall in more detail at his Budget on July 8.

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