Average Londoner does £9,000 worth of overtime, as UK racks up unpaid overtime hours worth £31.5bn


5.1 million Britons now doing unpaid overtime

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Pulling an all-nighter in 1999

Wage increases are grinding to a halt, and productivity is rubbish in Britain. We currently have the second lowest output per hour in the G7, yet apparently Britain leads the way when it comes to doing unpaid overtime. Great.

This means the UK is not only one of the worst countries at getting work done, but Brits can’t even get it done on time.

We are racking up annual unpaid overtime worth a ludicrous £31.5bn.

The research by the Trades Union Congress, found that 5.1 million people in the UK are regularly doing unpaid overtime.

Londoners contributed £7.7bn to the £31.5bn total, with average Londoners working an extra 8.2 hours a week unpaid.

This means Londoners are doing £8,669 worth of unpaid overtime every year.

Across Britain, 19.4% of workers said they were doing unpaid overtime.

However, it is in the south east, where people really can’t tear themselves away from work, with 38.3% of people saying they worked unpaid overtime.

The long hours/low productivity regime isn’t working that well for the UK. Perhaps we should try a new technique.

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