At last! Boris finally admits he wishes he was back in Parliament


London Mayor Boris Johnson has long kept us guessing about his political ambitions. First he loved being our mayor so much he couldn’t envisions anything else, then he went round upstaging every other politician with his a string of highly successive stunts before quiet again and hinting he may run for a third mayoral term after all.

But, at long last, Johnson has now come out and cleared up his intentions once … kind of.

Talking to the Financial Times, Johnson said:

“During the whole Syria thing, for the first time in years I wished I was in Parliament.

“I watched that and I thought… I wished. I wished.”

Johnson was a Conservative MP for Henley from 2001-2008 and has largely enjoyed higher approval ratings than Prime Minister David Cameron in recent years. However, sources close to Johnson were quick to stress that the latest admission only meant that Johnson would fight for the Tory leadership after Cameron and would not directly challenge his authority.

“About three years ago [Johnson] wouldn’t talk about the leadership but now he’s much more open about the leadership of the Conservative party,” a source close to Johnson told the Financial Times. “He will discuss it as a possibility – before he would just not discuss it at all.”

The news comes in the run up to the Conservative Party conference kicking off this weekend. Last year, Johnson’s grand celebrations honouring the success of the London Olympics sparked widespread speculation that he was gearing up to return to Parliament.