Aston Martin and Red Bull to build road vehicle "faster than F1 car"


New vehicle would be huge technological feat if successful

Asto Fasto

A sketch of the new vehicle shows that it vaguely resembles a stealth bomber with some green lines flowing over it. Image via Aston Martin

Aston Martin has confirmed it is collaborating with Red Bull to attempt to build a road car that is faster than a Formula One vehicle.

This has never been done before and certainly falls into the “crazy bonkers” category of engineering.

Red Bull Racing’s team principal Christian Horner described the project as “the ultimate of all road cars”. 

The car will be named the AM-RB 001, and is to be designed by a joint team including Red Bull Racing’s chief technical officer Adrian Newey, and Aston Martin design boss Marek Reichman.

Aston Martin will also build the car.

Fewer than 100 vehicles are expected to be made, with the price at an estimated £2.5m.

According to the Telegraph, the car will not have an Aston Martin engine, and the team will likely use Red Bull’s technology to build a new engine.

Aston Martin’s design team, which also built the Vulcan hypercar, will be in charge of engineering the beast.

Aston Vulcan

An Aston Martin Vulcan at rest. Image via Aston Martin

The challenge

An Aston Martin spokesman said that the AM-RB 001 “will be faster around Silverstone than a current Formula One Car”.

This is an almighty challenge for a road car.

Telegraph motoring correspondent Andrew Frankel says that a tip-top lap by a highly skilled driver in the world’s best road cars at Silverstone is usually clocked at about 2 minutes 15 seconds.

But Formula One speeds are a total other kettle of crazy fast fish. Lewis Hamilton is the current holder of the fastest Silverstone lap, which he did in 2013 in a pants-browning 1 minute 29.6 seconds.