Are you one of the TWO MILLION people about to be deleted off the voting register?


New rules mean many people will have to register again

The House of Lords is being urged to block the government’s plans to delete 1.9 million people from the electoral register.

The Electoral Commission is advising peers to vote against removing the records as it could disenfranchise voters.

The government is planning on hitting the delete button in December this year – a whole year earlier than originally planned.

The commission said: “Taking into account the data and evidence which is available at this point, and the scale and importance of the polls scheduled for next May, we continue to recommend that the end of transition should take place in December 2016 as currently specified in legislation.

“We therefore recommend that parliament does not approve this order.”

How will it affect you?

The new system will require people to sign up to the electoral register as individuals, rather than households, so those who did not sign themselves up in the past are likely to be deleted.

Some of these will have moved address and need to re-register anyway, but others will have been signed up by a family member or university, for example, and will not be aware they have to re-register.

To find out more about registering to vote, go to www.aboutmyvote.co.uk.


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