Apple Pay UK launch: Here's the Tube trap you need to watch out for


Service will be available for Tube, Waitrose, Pret a Manger and others from today

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Image via TfL

Smartphones have almost done away with the need to carry anything around. You have maps, cameras, microphones, books, music, films, etc, all in one handy device. All you really need besides one is a few clothes to wear over your body.

For its next trick, the smartphone is set to consign your wallet to a dusty shelf, as it can now be used in place of cards and cash to evacuate money from your bank account.

Apple Pay is the name of the facility, and the necessary technology is contained in the iPhone 6, and the Apple Watch.

From today, owners of these gizmos will be able to rub them up against contactless payment readers, while keeping a digit on the device’s fingerprint-scanning screen, and part with their funds that way.

Battery warning for Tube users

Boots, Waitrose, Pret, the Tube and the Post Office are among some of the numerous businesses which have already said yes to obtaining your money via this method. Users of the Tube are reminded by TfL that if you touch in using your phone and then it runs out of battery, you will not be able to touch out, and will be charged the maximum fare.

And if you are an HSBC customer, you can forget about using the service until at least the end of July. They have backed out of embracing the technology at the last minute. Meanwhile Barclays is also lagging behind, saying they’ll offer it to their customers “at some point in the future”.

To deplete your funds through your telephone, you’ll need to have the magic combination of the iPhone 6/iPhone 6 Plus/Apple Watch, and an account with one of these celebrated establishments:



Royal Bank of Scotland

Ulster Bank


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