Apple iPhone 7 photo leak: is this the future of mobile tech?


The never ending cycle of luxury disposable phones continues

Old timey telephone lady

Operator? Have me brought the iPhone 7. Yes, the one with the dual camera lens and smart connector. Now, damn you!

The last iteration of Apple’s mobile telephone, the iPhone 6, went on sale way back on 9 September 2014.

In the 554 days that have elapsed since then, users will have charged their once state-of-the-art phones perhaps a thousand times.

So it will soon be time to shunt all that ancient silicon, aluminium and precious sapphire into your nearest landfill and get yourself the latest incarnation of the phone.

Apple’s cycle of expensive disposable telephones continues, and is heralded by the leak of a picture purporting to be the new handset.

It is all very exciting.

Chinese website Bastille Post, revealed a grainy image supposedly showing the phone. If only they’d used an iPhone to take the photograph it would be in higher definition dammit.

The most noticeable change is the addition of a dual lens camera, replacing the single lens as used by almost all digital cameras.

leaked iphone 7

Is this it? It’s a bit plain. Image via Chinese website Bastille Post

According to the website Apple Insider, the second lens could be used to provide users with an optical zoom function. This will be a very fancy telephone indeed.

There also appears to be a small hole near the two lenses. This hole is thought to be a microphone.

According to Apple tech website MacRumours.com, there are also three dots near the bottom of the handset.

These are thought to be for a Smart Connector, a new interface first introduced on the iPad Pro that can transmit both data and power at the same time for use with various accessories.

But MacRumours says it is “unknown how a Smart Connector would be used on an iPhone”.

It is all deeply exciting.

Other rumours are that the next iPhone will be even thinner than the last one. Even thinner! Hopefully Apple has fixed that bending problem now.

And there are still many rumours abounding that the phone’s mysterious architects will do away with the world standard headphone jack, and will instead feature an all in one charger, data transfer and headphone connection slot.

This is our future.