Amazing campaign aims to turn Boris Bikes into Boris Beasts


You’ve probably never wondered what Boris Bikes would look like decorated as animals. But there is a small chance this could become a reality if a Hackney-based toymaker succeeds in its bid to take over sponsorship of the bikes.

Tell Tails is crowdfunding its bid to take over the cycle hire scheme, but has only reached £739 of the £37.5m it needs to raise if it is to secure the contact from Barclays.

Boris Beast

The company admits its chances of succeeding are slim.

Michael O’ Shea, director of TellTails said: We know it’s a lot of money to try and crowd fund but stranger things have happened, if people get behind it we might be in with a chance. 

“If we don’t manage it, but the campaign does well, at least we’ll send a message to TFL and the Mayor of London showing that people don’t want the names of large banking corporations splashed all over London. Who knows, maybe we’ll inspire the next sponsor to get creative with the bikes?”

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