Airbus warns Brexit puts investment in UK at risk


Leaving EU would make Britain less competitive Airbus chief says

Aeroplane manufacturer Airbus has fired a warning shot on the prospect of Britain leaving the UK.  

The company employs 16,000 in Britain and has warned that putting Britain outside the EU would make it “less competitive”.

Paul Khan, head of Airbus UK, said that if Britain left the EU, the company would have to reconsider its investment in the UK.

The move follows pressure from the business group the CBI, for companies to openly support EU membership. Yesterday, CBI president Sir Mike Rake said there are “no credible alternatives” to EU membership.

Speaking to the FT about the possibility of a Brexit, Khan said: “Waste will go up. Non-value added will go up. If it takes one extra form to be filled in, or one day’s delay, that is something our customers will not pay for.

“We will be less competitive.”

He added: “If after an exit from the EU, economic conditions in Britain were less favourable for business than in other parts of Europe, or beyond — would Airbus reconsider future investment in the UK? Yes absolutely.”

According to the FT, the UK is the second largest aerospace market after the US, with revenues of £25bn in 2013.

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