A third of voters could change their mind about who they vote for at the general election


100 days before the big day and it’s all to play for

A third of voters might change their mind about who they vote for before the general election, a poll has found.

The survey, by Survation for the Mirror, found 31% planned to vote Conservative, 30% Labour and 23% UKIP.

The Lib Dems, SNP and Greens came in at 7%, 5% and 3% respectively.

However, 31% of people said they could still change their mind before May, suggesting there is still everything to play for.

It also found, while the three main party leaders had negative approval ratings, David Cameron was the most popular with -2% (35% approve, 37% disapprove).

Ed Miliband was second with -15% (22% approve, 37% disapprove) and Nick Clegg third with -18% (19% approve to 37% disapprove).

However, the leaders of smaller parties UKIP and the Greens performed much better. Nigel Farage came in at +5% (34% to 29%), and Natalie Bennett was the most popular leader at +9% (17% to 8%).


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