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9 facts about poverty in the UK


A record number of working families are living in poverty, with incomes of the poorest workers falling 10% in a decade, according to the Joseph Rowntree Foundation’s annual report.

Here are 8 more facts about poverty according to the charity’s report:

1. Half of all people in poverty live in a household where someone is in paid work.

2. One in five adults in poverty is behind with at least one bill, compared with one in 20 adults not in poverty.

3. Around two-thirds of those who found work in the past year took on jobs that paid less than the living wage.

4. There has been a huge rise in under-25s living in poverty reaching a near all-time high, while poverty among those over 75 is at a record low.

5. The poorest households spend more than a quarter of their income on housing, with the poorest private renters spending more than half of their income on housing.

6. Domestic energy bills have more than doubled, while overall prices are 30% higher than a decade ago.

7. Single men and women without children have seen their incomes fall the most in the last decade. Only pensioners and single parents have seen a rise. Richer households have seen a bigger rise than poorer households.

8. There are 13.3 million people in poverty in the UK. However, this year the poverty line is lower than in previous years because incomes have fallen. Using the same poverty line as in 2007/08, there are 16.6 million people living in poverty.

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