7 freaky and fascinating things we now know about people who like business


Are you one of the *ahem* quirky people who likes business?

If you haven’t seen it yet (where have you been?), YouGov has created an interactive tool that lets you search anything from S Club 7 to Manchego cheese and see what the people who like them have in common.

We had some fun with the tool and discovered some surprising things about the people who said they liked “business” (which we’re calling “the businessperson” for the purposes of this article).


Yes we thought it would be golf too, but the favourite sport of the businessperson is basketball. Golf comes third, with sailing in second place.

Reuben sandwich

The favourite food of the businessperson is the Reuben sandwich – a salt beef sandwich popular in New York. You’ll have seen them on Man v Food – a big stack of dark pink beef, yellow mustard, gherkins (sliced lengthways, of course) and cheese. You can get them at several London locations, including (but by no means limited to) The Brass Rail in Selfridges, Harry Morgan in St John’s Wood, Delisserie in Mill Hill, Stanmore and Temple Fortune, and the newly opened Delancey & Co in Goodge Street (see their Reuben below).

Pet bird

Man bird

According to the data, the businessperson doesn’t like pets at all. They hate cats the most, for some reason, and their favourite pet (i.e. the one they hate the least) is a bird.


The businessperson shops at Waitrose, which makes sense, since they’re likely to agree with the statement “I tend to choose premium products and services”. Strangely though, Costco is the businessperson’s fourth most popular choice, followed by Londis in fifth place. Tesco languishes in ninth place, and Asda and Morrisons don’t feature at all.


If you were a bit unnerved by the bird bit, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

Justin Bieber is the businessperson’s favourite music artist. Geri Halliwell is the ninth most popular artist.

We’re just hoping something went wrong with this part of the research.


It’s not a surprise that the businessperson is based in London. In fact, apart from the south coast, all other regions of the UK scored negatively, meaning people from those regions are very unlikely to say they’re interested in business, making the UK extremely imbalanced.

Here’s the data in full (a score over 4 is very strong):

YouGov businessperson


The businessperson is overwhelmingly male, with a huge 22.73 score (remember, over 4 is high). This is three times more male than F1 fans (7.42), nearly four times more male than those who like motorbikes (6.62) and five times more male than fans of Kelly Brook (4.09) – apologies for the contextual gender stereotyping.

YouGov businessperson

It’s not clear exactly why men are so much more likely to list “business” as one of their interests. But, y’know, ouch.

What unusual things have you discovered using the YouGov Profiler? Let us know in the comments below.


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