6 things you didn’t know about Valentine’s Day


Right, lets swap pigs

Aaaargh, Valentines Day is nearly here. That’s not the one with the chocolate eggs, it’s the other one, with chocolate hearts and restaurant reservation failure.

It’s all going to happen on Sunday this weekend.

To get you in the mood for luuurve, Love Home Swap has prepared a list of weird and wonderful Valentine’s facts – from burning photographs in a bonfire to exchanging pigs.

It’s a bloody strange list to be honest, but it just goes to show that in accordance with the idiosyncrasies of human love, humans’ traditions are completely barking. Read on and discover…


Valentines America

America, land of madness

The US is one place you do NOT want to be single on the 14th of Feb, it’s like Valentine’s Day on steroids as many Americans choose to propose to their other half on the day. According to an AMEX report, six million proposals are likely to happen on Valentine’s Day in the US. Well, they do say diamonds are a girl’s best friend…


No one wants to experience Valentine’s Day on a budget – cringeworthy cards and cheap flowers from the local garage? No thank you. Luckily that’s not something Aussies have to worry about. Apparently V Day is when Australians splash the cash for their loved ones, a tradition that started in the mid-nineteenth century by merchants who would purchase expensive commodities for their loved ones. Cha-ching.


Roses are red, violets are blue, usually we’d say these flowers mean I love you. However once upon a time single ladies weren’t after roses, instead they opted for bay leaves, placing five on their pillows. The women believed these leaves helped them to dream of their future husband. Awhhh! Is that where the modern term “bae” comes from? No.


Fire fire

France is commonly known for affection and love, however this tradition was so out of control the French government had to ban it! Called loterie d’amour (drawing for love), men and women would gather in a house and take turns calling out one another and pairing. If a man wasn’t impressed with his lady, he could simply leave her for another. The women that weren’t matched would gather over a bonfire, burning pictures of men and throwing insults at them. Clearly, love isn’t in the air for everyone.

South Africa

The phrase ‘wear your heart on your sleeve’ is taken literally on Valentine’s Day in South Africa. Women would pin the names of their love interest on their shirtsleeves and this is how South African men soon learnt about their secret admirers. Maybe love isn’t blind after all?


Pig lovers

Are these pigs in love? Or is this just anthropomorphism? Careful now.

On Valentine’s Day, Germans don’t just exchange their hearts but also something else just as special – a pig! The pig can be in any shape or form a picture to a statue or if you really fancy it, a real one. The pig represents lust and luck. We’ll take one micro pig and a box of chocolates, thanks.


For men finding Valentine’s Day stressful, head to Japan. Here, women have the responsibility to shower their men with gifts of affection. But before there’s an outbreak of angry ladies, don’t worry, Japanese women get to feel like princesses a month later on White Day. Phew. Panic averted.

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