5 popular BBC TV shows that have been accused of being fixed


You wouldn’t expect it from Strictly or Blue Peter, would you?

The BBC is a bastion of honesty and fairness… or so we think.

Here are five high-profile times the BBC has been accused of fixing shows.

1. Strictly Come Dancing

Ola Jordan

Accusations of fixing are not unusual to the show, but it seems this week both a professional dancer and former contestant have accused the show of being rigged. Ola Jordan and Jamelia both said the judges under or over-scored contestants to help keep popular ones in the competition. It was also revealed the judges watch rehearsals of all the dances with producers to help come up with their comments. However, programme-makers denied producers influenced the decision-making process.

2. Saturday Kitchen

James Martin chef

Saturday Kitchen features a call-in section of the programme where viewers ask top chefs cookery questions. However, back in 2007, it was revealed eight of these “live” programmes were actually pre-recorded, meaning viewers who were encouraged to call would never speak to the studio guests.

3. Question Time

Question Time David Dimbleby

The BBC was accused of fixing an election debate programme earlier this year to ensure UKIP leader Nigel Farage did not feature. The Question Time special, featuring the Tory, Labour and Lib Dem leaders, was criticised for not including UKIP, which using many measures was the third largest UK political party.

4. The Apprentice

Lord Sugar

Yesterday we wrote about how a former contestant of The Apprentice accused the show of being fixed. Selina Waterman-Smith said programme-makers knew from the start who would be in the final. She posted and then deleted three tweets accusing the show of delving into candidates’ private lives and discrediting them.

5. Blue Peter

Blue Peter Tracy Island

The popular children’s programme was fined back in 2007 after one of the competition prize-winners was found to be fake. The show held a phone-in competition to win a toy, but a technical fault meant a winner was not selected and producers asked a child who was visiting the studio to pretend to be the competition winner.



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